Silent HD Private Camera 1.73

Source:Liu Zhonglin

It makes your camera as a truly private camera and it also can be a photo vault

If you want to take some picture with some pretty girl or boy, you might want to use this camera app.
What's the difference compared to other spy camera apps in the market?

1. All pictures or videos you have snapped are hidden in fake pictures.
2. You also can hide other data/file into these fake pictures.

If you want to auto-dyne, take some private pictures or videos, try this PrivateCamera app, nobody can peek or sneak what you just take. All pictures/videos will be hidden in a fake picture (Do not remove any fake pictures under sdcard/Pictures/, since the real data are hidden in these files).

Private Camera also can hide your other sensitive data into these fake pictures. So it can be used as a photo vault, video vault, or data vault. Without a password, no one can view your private pics or files.

To view what you have snapped, you need to "export real pictures and videos", and after export, you can exit my app and view the real picture under sdcard/Pictures/my_camera.
Please hide them again, if you still want to hide them in your phone.

To protect other data, it works the same way. You need to select a path to encrypt. After encryption, real sensitive data will be hidden in fake pictures which is under sdcard/Pictures/my_others. If you want to view the real data, you still need to enter Protect Other Data and press "start decrypt data" to export them and then exit my app, check the real file under sdcard/pictures/my_others.

And the silent mode may fail because in some countries, law forbids this action. If it fails, do not just leave a comments in market. Please email me your phone type. If you just leave a comment in market, I can not resolve it for you.

Another known issue:

Some phone vendors create two copies when you take pics and videos. If you find it can not hide your pics or videos, let me know. I have a ugly but effective hack to fix this.

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